Who Are We?

360 South is comprised of a collection of players from varied musical backgrounds with a common love for Rock, Energy and Volume. Our personal tastes may span everything from Pop to Metal and Classical to Country...but we tend to focus on playing tracks from the past 30+ years that we feel had the biggest impact on the past few generations. When you come see 360 South, you will see us play everything from Metallica to Bill Withers and Iron Maiden to Tom Petty...plus a whole bunch more.

  • we don't show up with trombones and trumpets
  • we don't play disco
  • we don't do the chicken dance and sing "Play That Funky Music White Boy"

  • What we WILL do is give you a killer live show of blistering guitars, pounding drums, thumping bass and some of the greatest songs you grew up with. Hell, we might even mix in a few songs from the past few years that YOU...or we...deem worthy.

  • we do not wear uniforms
  • we are not pretty
  • we will drink your beer

  • We are 360 South and do endorse this message.

    Variety of Rock Music

    A Few Samples That Rock

    • Classic Rock (e.g. Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith)
    • Hard Rock (e.g. Ozzy, Metallica)
    • 80s Rock (e.g. Bon Jovi, Van Halen)
    • 90s Rock (e.g. Alice in Chains, Radiohead)
    • Today's Rock (e.g. Muse, Kings of Leon)

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    What People Are Saying

    Real Reviews from Past Clients

    • " I think I was asked about 30 times during the party by guests, 'Where did you get the band?'. I was soooo impressed with all the members. "

      Amy R. (Flower Mound, TX)
    • "Awesome just doesn’t do this band justice! We had two generations there at one time for a while jammin’ to them, and everyone, and I mean everyone was having the time of their lives! "

      Tina B. (Mckinney, TX)
    • " Everyone truly enjoyed them and could not wait to find out where they were playing next. "

      Jennifer Y. (Fort Worth, TX)